Friends Arena

Yesterday was the grand opening of Friends Arena. It’s huge! Fits 50000 people during football/soccer events and 65000 during concerts. Yesterday 46000 people were there.

It was quite easy to get there and find the gate/section and seat. A downside were that only one of the gates had an elevator which was not stated on tickets or anywhere else where I’ve read about the event. That meant I had to walk up I don’t know how many stairs (and down after the event of course). I was a little worried that my foot and knees would start to give me more troubles after the stair excursion but they are “as usual” today thank God!

Another major downside were getting from the arena after the show. That was chaotic! It’s hard to imagine how they plan for the logistic of people and cars once the parking lots are there. It will take forever to get out! We had to stand in the cold for 50 minutes before we managed to catch one of the shuttle buses and then the ride took around 35 minutes. Normally the same distance would take 10-15 minutes. But enough about the bad things…

The actual show was great and the sound in the arena was fantastic. I had planned to bring my camera with me but of course I forgot it at home. So, my apologies for bad quality of the photos taken with my iPhone. Here goes…









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