Shopping time!


Two days ago Sephora opened the first store in Sweden. Obviously I had to visit this weekend!! 🙂

Got three new nail polishes in color tones I’ve never tried before. Exciting! Now the tricky part is to decide which one to try first!

I also bought two new skin products from Biotherm. I’ve not had any day cream in Stockholm as I brought it with me to Linköping. I refuse to carry it back and forth every weekend.

The not so good part with today’s shopping time was that I needed new shoes. I’m sick of wearing sneakers and I want something that looks good and classy to wear to work. I don’t like using my high boots for jeans because it feels so weird. As usual I found lots of nice low boots but but nothing that fits me. So depressing! 😦 It’s not fair that someone like me, i.e a shoe lover, have so much trouble with the feet. I hate my RA sometimes!

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