Yesterday when I went to the Make Up Store the sales person invited me to today’s event: a release party for their now collection called BonBon. He actually showed me the three eye shadows yesterday already as I were there right before closing time and he was getting a few things ready for today I suppose. I liked one of the eyeshadows a lot and when I asked for the name he said: “Cupcake”! Obviously that one was perfect for me! 😉

So today when I left work at 6 pm I went straight (I stopped at Subway first for a quick dinner) to the store. Except the eyeshadow I also got an eye primer and a cute little soap which looked like a cake. These are only available during the winter season as its s limited collection. They also had lip gloss in small cupcake containers. I’m thinking mostly teenagers will buy that one! Even I who love cupcakes thought that was a little too much.


Another thing happening today was that the first snow for the season decided to greet Linköping. It was very weird though because it was snowing heavenly when I left work and I was so happy I have a hood on my jacket! When I came in to town (~2 kilometer) it didn’t snow at all! When I walked home from the bus stop I managed to find a little snow to take a picture of!


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