Fried egg?

I’ve been quite lazy posting lately. I had some pics from the past weekend I’d planned to share but I’ve been very busy at work this week.

I’ve worked longer days all days so far as we’ve had so much to do plus that I’m leaving early on Friday that I didn’t mind working longer hours especially as it means I don’t need to use my saved hours. I’m going to reach 40 hours by the time I’m leaving the office Friday morning anyway. I’m traveling with the train from Linköping at 11 am. In the afternoon I’m going to my consulting company’s office for 1,5 hour and then I’m off for the weekend!

As I’ve been so busy at work I decided to take a little relaxing bath this evening. I used another one of my free bath bombs I got last week. It was called Dragon egg but it mostly resembled a fried egg…


I thought it was quite boring actually, but suddenly after a while it turned a little more interesting…


Hard to see but it’s actually gold colored and even had some gold glitter pieces. The water turned into a weird yellow color and the scent didn’t really suite me. I’m not going to get this one for myself! Now I have 4 bath bombs left! 🙂

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