Home again!

It’s always so nice to step on the train on Friday afternoons. I know I have two days off plus that I’ll see my hubby again. It’s also extremely beautiful to arrive to Stockholm from the south of Sweden as that means traveling over bridges and seeing the water and the nice buildings. Passing by the Old town really makes my heart melt. It’s such a fantastic place! I love Stockholm!!

Today when I got home hubby was preparing dinner. I’d asked for hot chicken wings (as I feel my cold is coming back again). 😦 He had decided to try to make his own hot wing sauce this time instead of using pre-made. It was fantastic! Luckily he didn’t buy enough of one part of the ingredients though! Wow it was hot! I got watery eyes just licking the sauce of my finger. 🙂 It was just perfect spiciness for me! If he used more of the hot sauce I wouldn’t survive! 🙂


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