Fall decor

Last week my mother and I placed a combined order from PartyLite. Now my dining table is decorated for Fall. Normally I start mid-September to Fall decorate the whole apartment but as I’m spending most of my time in Linköping now I won’t take out my decorations this year. I also thnk our cleaning lady will appreciate that I’ve not put the fake leaves and scarecrows in a part of the hallway! But now when I think of those cute scarecrows maybe I should bring them down from the attic after a all! 😉

I also purchased small glass pumpkin jars that I will bring to Linköping and put in my new living room. I’m counting on at least a coffee table in the new place! Mathias will bring it for me next weekend when he visits me.

I filled up on tea lights as well. I bought my favorite Fall scent Ginger pumpkin as well as a new one called “fire” something. It’s a grayish candle whereas ginger pumpkin is a darker orange.

Now I’m ready for the cozy Fall evenings curled up in the sofa with a blanket and lots of candles!


2 thoughts on “Fall decor

  1. strawberryquicksand September 16, 2012 / 23:40

    We have Partylite in Australia, too. They have such beautiful thing, albeit a little on the pricier side. They do have some lovely scents – my favourites are the wax melts as they make the whole house smell just edible! My favourite scent was Apricot Daisy but that has unfortunately been discontinued :(. Your Autumn Partylite decorations in the photo are just beautiful!

    • Cecilia September 22, 2012 / 10:54

      I totally agree that their stuff is pricy! It was much better when we lived in the US. I don’t shop as much now as I used to in the US. I agree the wax melts are fantastic! I loved one of the pear scents they used to have as a Fall candle but that got discontinued too. 😦 If they ever stop with ginger pumpkin or strawberry rhubarb I’ll be extremely upset!! 🙂

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