Last night

Yesterday evening I packed my bags and this morning ate my last breakfast at the hotel before checking out. On Monday I’m moving in to my own furnished apartment! Looking forward to it but first I’m going to enjoy my weekend of course!

My last night at the hotel turned quite interesting at 11:40pm when I woke up to an extremely loud noise. I think I was standing by my bed before I realized that it was the fire alarm. So I quickly got dressed, grabbed my jacket and went outside. I’m very happy I remembered the jacket because it was cold outside!

After 20-25 minutes we were allowed to go inside again. I heard this morning that the fire alarm went off because someone took a too warm shower and the steam made the fire alarm go off! Never heard that one before…

I’m extremely tired this morning so I’m glad it’s Friday! At 3:30pm I’m off to the train station to go home to Stockholm for the weekend! So looking forward to see my hubby again! ❤

One thought on “Last night

  1. Vivis Blog September 16, 2012 / 15:20

    Hope you will like your new apartment. 🙂

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