On track again… almost…

I had an appointment with my physical therapist yesterday morning. When I met her the last time (a month ago) I got new exercises to try to get my foot on track again. These new exercises has helped me a lot and I’ve been able to walk without any pain most of the time.

Yesterday I got some new exercises where I can start to put pressure on my foot again. I’m going to start to use the rubber band again as well as do some balancing exercises on one foot as well as use the balance ball I got at home. As all of those things are in Stockholm I won’t be able to start the new exercises until this weekend. Well, stand on one foot I can do I suppose…

I left her office feeling happy that everything felt good again and that I’m finally starting to have a foot that works and finally being able to take longer walks. Well, I wasn’t that happy for long though….

I came to the subway station and realized I had just missed one train and the next one would arrive in 7 minutes. I knew I wasn’t able to take the train all the way to the central station as parts of this particular subway line has been closed all summer long. So, I checked online how long it would take by taking a longer route by switching to another train. Not good, would arrive three minute before my train for Linköping would depart. What to do? I took the train to the subway station as far as I could go, which was one station before the central station, and then started walking… quickly! I figured walking in my “normal pace” (considering my foot condition) would take maron least 20 minutes. I did not have that time… I had to walk under 15 minutes in order to arrive in time.

Four weeks ago I could not have made that walk. I was so tired when I sat down on the train, and it took me around 10 minutes to breath normal again. 🙂 Both my legs and my foot was hurting but during the train ride I started to feel a little better. Turned out it was just temporary though because as soon as I started walking again when we arrived in Linköping it felt worse again. I tried to limit the amount of walking while working yesterday. When I came to the hotel in the evening I noticed my foot was swollen. Crap…

This morning when I woke up the pain in my legs was gone but for every step I took my foot hurt almost as bad as it did a month ago. Throughout the day I kept walking in slow motion as soon as I needed to get somewhere. Luckily my job don’t require too much walking. Luckily my foot is starting to hurt a little less now so I’m hoping everything will be much better tomorrow.

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