Yard work

For the past two years my parents and Mathias has talked about resurrecting the potato field. They have always done it during the Spring time though which is the time when Mathias has a hard time being outdoors due to allergies. Now they decided to start this Fall in order to have the area ready when it’s time to plant potatoes next Spring.

My father, brother and Mathias worked hard in order to remove the grass and move it elsewhere in the yard. The potato field won’t be as big as 4 years ago but it will be plenty of potatoes for us anyways! Due to rain they weren’t able to finish working today but as long as the weather cooperates tomorrow we’ll go back so they can finish up.




One thought on “Yard work

  1. Kenneth September 9, 2012 / 12:01


    Om dom hade anlitat en fjäderharv eller ännu hellre en kultivator och så ett par damer för att agera tvebetshästar, så hade jobbet varit avklarat långt innan regnet befriade dem.
    Säg till dem att ordna ett årder till sättningen. Det klaras med en häst. Har gjorts så förr.
    I brist på årder måste ju damerna gräva ner sättpotatisen. Se då till att använda väl slipad spade och inte skyffel.


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