I’m back home again but it’s too quiet and boring as Mathias is away at a work event. 😦 I miss him, but I’m not waiting for him to get home, I’m too tired for that so I’ll just have to wait until I see him when I wake up tomorrow morning!

My train ride back to Stockholm passed by quickly as my mother-in-law and I played Carcassonne almost the whole time (takes 1 hour 50 minutes). While playing I also had time to eat my sandwich. As I knew Mathias were away plus that we didn’t have much to eat at home I purchased a cheese and ham sandwich at the train station.


Carcassonne is one of my favorite board games and last weekend we purchased it for our iPads. The app is fantastic! First off you can play against others while on 3G, and not only while you’re on the same wifi. Perfect! The interface is nice and very easy to understand. It’s possible to play against more than one player and you can chat while playing. It’s possible to purchase the add-ons that exists for the real board game too!

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