Swedish handicrafts

We went to Liljevalchs today, an art gallery. Until next weekend they have an exhibition about Swedish handicrafts. The exhibition is in celebration of the National Association of Swedish Handicrafts Societes which turns 100 year’s this year.

I found out about the exhibition from an advertisement at a bus stop in Linköping. It’s odd that I haven’t seen anything about it here in Stockholm. Clearly I must have been blind…

It was an fantastic exhibition showing different types of handicrafts. Last Fall they sent out an invite asking for people to make their own crafts according to specific rules. This artwork was shown as a forest with 2000 leaves created by people throughout Sweden. Both amateurs and professionals created their own leaves and the youngest was 6 and the oldest 88. It was a great display of people’s fantastic imagination and creativity.






They also had a room where you could create your own crafts and I tried a little wood carving at one of the tables. Quite hard though… didn’t even manage to carve my initials! 🙂


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