Home away from home

I’ve checked in to my “new home” as of some hours ago. I also managed to find a grocery store nearby, got food (both breakfast and dinner) for the week and a foot that hurts badly. It was only ~300 meters (one way) but it feels like I’ve walked for miles. 😦 Resting time the rest of the evening!

I have put the heating on the highest setting because it’s quite cool in the room. I was told by the receptionist that it would take between 1-3 hours until I would notice a change. If its not warm enough by the time I go to bed I’ll just use the extra blanket in the closet. Maybe I’ll wake up later tonight and feel like I’m in the middle of a heat wave. Oh well that is much better than waking up with pain tomorrow morning.

Other than this little issue the place, Sky hotel apartments, seems great. The rooms are very stylish and modern. I would have preferred a room a little higher up than floor 3 because that would have been a much better view than what I have know, but I’m not here for the view! 😉 Here are a few pictures of my home away from home…




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