Physical therapy

I’ve had problems with my foot for some time now and its been worse since I twisted my ankle mid-June. I called the hospital Monday morning and got an appointment the same day. My doctor did an ultra sound and couldn’t find anything so my issues are still explained as a “trauma” and it will go away by itself. Quite annoying as I’m really sick of the pain and not being able to walk as much as I would like.

I had an appointment with my physical therapist today. I’ve seen her since early May and she’s tried to help me and it did get better for awhile at least until I twisted my ankle. Today she decided that we should start from the beginning again and that I shouldn’t do any exercises that put pressure on the foot. I will do these new exercises several times a day and in 4 weeks I have a new appointment and she’ll give me other exercises. I’m really hoping that these new exercises will help my foot to get better again.

It’s so great to see her and you really feel like she’s paying attention to you. I was a bit disturbed that my doctor basically refused to answer one of my questions during the appointment on Monday. He basically told me he had no time for more/other questions and just replied to my question with “I don’t know”. It was clear he wasn’t interested to help me more than that so I left his office.

Today I asked my physical therapist the same question and her answer was, as I expected, that my issues seemed very much like restless leg syndrome (RLS). She didn’t know much about it but said she would ask a colleague and have more information for me at my next appointment.

I’ve researched a bit about RLS online and apparently it could happen to patients with RA/rheumatism which is why my doctor’s response surprised me. I don’t know if he answered that way just because he didn’t felt like answer my question or if he really didn’t know. Oh well, now I at least have someone who cares and will help me out.

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