Taxinge castle

We went to Taxinge castle today with Mathias’ parents. It’s a one hour drive southwest of Stockholm.

Upon arrival we went straight to the castle in order to eat. They are famous for their dessert table with 50 different types of cakes and cookies. The castle is even nicknamed the “cookie castle”. I have to say, seeing that table almost makes you drool. 🙂 We started with sandwiches and then went for a walk in the garden as well as the castle shops and after that we went back to the café (located inside the castle) to eat cakes and cookies. Everything tasted fantastic and if you’ve ever nearby this castle I truly recommend a visit! You won’t be disappointed!!

The castle garden is very nice but due to the weather (it didn’t rain but it was quite cold) and my troubling foot we couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have wanted.





One thought on “Taxinge castle

  1. Vivis Blog August 10, 2012 / 13:08

    Vad gott det ser ut. 🙂

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