We woke up at 6 am this morning in order to see the sunrise. So beautiful!


The rest of the day (and this week really) can be described with one word… lazy! We’ve never been on a trip and done as few excursions! We’ve left the hotel three times in total: 1) visiting Knossos 2) Cretan night and 3) eating lunch in Elounda. We had some ideas to visit two places more but we stayed by the pool instead! Having a private pool is such a luxury and we’ll definitely do it on any upcoming trips if possible. We actually looked for this type of room when we booked our trip but they were not available then. I suppose the charter company only has a few to sell and the hotel keeps the rest for their own guests.

This is how we spent much of the day today…



Tonight we’re packing and tomorrow morning, at 8.50am the bus will pick us up. Will be interesting to see how long time it will take to get to their airport. It should take 1 hour and 15 minutes but as the flight don’t leave until 12.40 I anticipate a long ride with plenty of hotel stops.

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