For our last two nights we decided to upgrade our room to one with a private pool. We checked for the availability of the upgrade on Saturday already but the rooms were all booked but this morning when we checked again they had one available. Before we made a decision we were shown the potential room.

Back at the reception we were told the price which we thought was a little too high so we declined at which point they offered it to a lower price. We accepted it and has now moved all our stuff to our new room. We’ve also had time to swim and rested on our lounge chairs. Now we’re off to the town of Elounda (~5 minutes by taxi) for lunch and a little town adventure.

By the way… as I wrote yesterday that it was windy I suppose today could be called a storm! Wow, there are some strong winds today!! If this had been in Sweden I would have thought it were Fall storms!

Here is a picture from our new room with a view of both our private pool and the ocean!


One thought on “Upgrade

  1. Kenneth August 6, 2012 / 17:23


    Om jag minns rätt så cyklade jag genom Elounda. Om jag minns lika rätt så ligger det vid kusten med en spetälskeö strax utanför kusten. Där fanns då fortfarande spetälska för att genomlida slutet av resan till Sankte Pär.


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