Cretan night

Last night we went on a bus tour in order to travel to a village, Karouzanos, that had a Cretan night experience.

We were picked up outside our hotel at 5.30 pm and at ~7.30 pm we arrived at the village. During those two hours we’d gone from hotel to hotel to pick up more passengers. I could probably write a blog post only about bus tours/drivers. 🙂 It’s a quite scary experience as they drive like crazy. It’s amazing that they can drive on some of the narrow roads. I’m glad I’m not a bus driver on Crete!

At the Cretan night we were treated with food and dancing. I wasn’t able to get any good photos with my iPhone but I’ve got plenty of photos with my regular camera. Unfortunately the battery went out halfway into the show. I suppose it didn’t matter to much as the lighting of the stage were quite poor and we had some problems to get really good photos even before the camera quit.

At 11 pm we were on the bus heading back. I think we went to bed around 1 pm so I’m glad we’ve got a lazy day planned today!



One thought on “Cretan night

  1. Kenneth August 6, 2012 / 17:11

    Jag för min del gillar trafiken i bl. a. Kreta, där man kör lite hur som helst men hela tiden med tanken att alla ska få plats och alla ska komma fram. Ingen trängning eller buskörning. Även per cykel gick det bra. Och var väldigt roligt.

    Kenneth i NorragĂĄrd

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