Blown away

We’ve had a very lazy day today. Did not eat breakfast until 9.30 am. Clearly having breakfast that late is very popular. It’s never been so many people during the previous days (we’ve eaten around 8-8.30 then). We had some issues finding a table but luckily one of the ushers came and helped us. I think I like eating around 8 instead. Lucky for us that we have excursions planned the next two days so we have to eat early.

Today has been a very lazy day. We’ve spent most of it on the balcony with a few hours at the beach bar where we ate lunch and enjoyed the ocean views. It has been VERY windy today so every now and then we had hide in the hotel room.

We have a small tree right outside our balcony (or should I call it a porch as we are on the first level!?) and when the wind blow as hardest it looked like the tree wanted to hide. 🙂

Now we’re sitting in the main hotel bar enjoying drinks. A perfect place to be in not only because the serve drinks but also as it’s one of the few places where the free wifi is strong enough (most of the time. Sometimes it’s so slow that nothing happens at all). In the hotel room we aren’t able to connect at all (even though the charter company claimed we would) and from our balcony it’s like flipping a coin.



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