Sunshine, waffles & RA anniversary

I forgot my jacket (with my wallet in the pocket) at my parents so today we went there in order to get it and also wait for the time when we had to go to the shopping mall in order to meet Mathias’ sister for brunch.

While sitting on the porch enjoying the sunshine we got a message that the brunch had to be cancelled so we stayed at my parents the rest of the day instead.

For lunch we ate waffles. Yummy as always! 🙂



After lunch I kept my brother company while he worked on the car.


For dinner my mother tried a new recipe, chicken packages filled with garlic, ham, sundried tomato and feta cheese and to that a potato salad. Everything tasted very good!


The sunshine this morning made me feel great! Neither pain nor stiffness. Unfortunately it became colder and cloudy in the afternoon/evening at which time my legs started to hurt a bit but it’s not as bad as it has been so I’m very grateful! Life is so much better when I’m not in pain!

Today is also my RA anniversary! It’s 3 years ago that I got my diagnosis. I now have accepted my new life and despite some setbacks every now and then I’m able to live almost as spontaneous as before I got sick. With a positive attitude anything is possible! And not to forget a very supportive husband who’s always there for me no matter what!

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