Aching joints

Yesterday it was time to lower my cortisone dosage again. I’m happy to say that this time around my joints didn’t give me as much problems as when I lowered the dosage last month.

Yesterday I spent most of the day outside in the sun or the shadow. Today was a bit more windy but we still went to my parents as Mathias had promised to help out with the computer. Most of the day I spent inside but during lunch I sat outside on the porch. In order for the wind not to give my joints too much issue I needed both my sun hat and a blanket but the view was nice as always! 🙂


In the late afternoon I took a 1 hour nap and after that my joints felt much better again. I’m hoping it will continue this way but it depends a lot on the weather! Early on Wednesday morning we’ll fly to Crete though so I anticipate I’ll start to feel fantastic very soon!!

One thought on “Aching joints

  1. Vivis Blog July 23, 2012 / 14:04

    Love this picture, looks so cozy 🙂

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