App: Martha Stewart CraftStudio

I’ve downloaded a new app for my iPad called Marta Stewart CraftStudio. I got it a few weeks ago when they had a offer to download it for free. Now it costs $4.99 (~35 SEK).There are three types of themes available directly through the app but you can purchase a few other themes. So far I’ve not done that though.

Today was the first time I really used the app and I played around with two pictures in my photo album to play around with. I picked the theme “doily lace” for both of my photos:



When finished with your project you can store it in the app, give it a name, and the share it to different social websites, your photo library as well as print it or transfer to Snapfish.

If you like scrapbooking this is a fun little app where you can spice up your pictures and quickly share with your family and friends digitally or print out.

Update: I’m not particularly satisfied with how the image gets stored in my photo library. For some reason the image gets a white box around it which is not how I want the image to look.

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