Countdown to Crete

Originally we didn’t have any plans on going on a trip during our summer vacation but due to my RA issues this summer we decided to go somewhere anyway.

As I’m without an assignment right now I asked my manager for two weeks of unpaid vacation which she accepted. The original plan was for me to go somewhere without Mathias for the first two weeks until his vacation started but finally it was decided that he’d take one extra week of vacation and we take a trip together. So, the originally planned 2 weeks of vacation will now instead be 4 weeks for me and 3 weeks for Mathias!

After two days of research we finally booked a trip last night through Fritidsresor. We will go to Crete and Hotel Aquila Elounda Village. Fritidsresor’s page for the hotel can be found here.

On July 25th we’ll fly away… can’t wait! Normally I don’t complain about the weather but seriously this summer has had a little too much bad weather for me and my joints! I’m planning to lower my dosage of cortisone again right before we leave, that way I might not have so much pain and stiffness the first week as we’ll be in a warm place.

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