Lazy day

Yesterday we had a very lazy day, or at least I did. I spent most of the day resting in a chair outside or inside. We went to my parents in order to enjoy the sunshine as well as grill in the evening.

My father and my brother did not have a lazy day though as they were working hard on their landing stage. It’s done except some steps which will allow loading and unloading of the boat a little easier. I wasn’t able to go down to the water due to my foot so I sent Mathias to take some pictures. My father held the boat as steady as possible (kinda hard as it was windy and waves yesterday!) while my brother hammered away.

For dinner Mathias made a veal steak with parsnip, red beet, onion and carrot. It smelled so great! Unfortunately it didn’t taste as great though due to the veal meat not being particularly good and with a lot of  strings. We were quite disappointed as we’ve bought lots of meat before from this butcher. Hoping that the rest of the veal meat we bought are much better!

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