My closet

My plan for today was to read the new book I bought Monday: The elements of Scrum. Due to my joints though I didn’t have patience enough to read so I started cleaning my closet instead. It was quite easy to get to this point…

Normally I love organizing but I suppose you shouldn’t do this when you don’t feel alright. It takes much longer time than it should! I also find it very hard to get rid of some things. Why I’m even considering to keep things I rarely use when my closet space is minimal is a question I have no answer to… it would be so much easier if I had bigger closet where everything had it’s specific place and I didn’t need to store things, such as seasonal clothing, in places I can’t reach. Just imagine a walk-in closet like this… heavenly!

Source: via Cecilia on Pinterest

Do you think my husband would dislike if I throw out all of his clothes and used that space for myself?!

One thought on “My closet

  1. Vivis Blog July 7, 2012 / 11:53

    Great work with your closet 🙂

    And…omg I just LOVE that walk-in-closet!! What a dream to have one! 🙂

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