Over the rainbow

Mathias accidentally dropped his iPhone yesterday so the whole glass piece got cracked. He left it at the phone company today in order to get it repaired but as that would take around a week I called my brother to check if he had a old phone Mathias could borrow for a week or so.

On our way we drove into a nasty rain weather and suddenly this beautiful rainbow greeted us. It’s not often the colors are this sharp in Sweden or that you can see a double rainbow so clear as in this picture. In Colorado we saw beautiful double rainbows quite often.


When we reached the rainbow it was so close to us that we felt we were driving right through the beginning of the rainbow. Not possible to take a picture of this though…

2 thoughts on “Over the rainbow

  1. Kenneth June 28, 2012 / 10:52

    När ni var så nära borde ni kollat om något av skatten finns kvar.


    • Cecilia June 30, 2012 / 10:25

      Jo jag letade men hittade den inte. Måste varit i fel ända av regnbågen. 🙂

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