Went to Linköping today for my interview with a potential client (tomorrow I have an interview with another client, this one in Stockholm though). Feels like the interview went great and I’m expecting to hear back if they are still interested tomorrow. Next few days I suspect I need to pick which one I want to work for. At least I hope both are still interested after the interviews! 😉

As my parents have vacation they drove me to Linköping and while I had the interview they did a little sightseeing on their own.

After the interview we stopped for lunch in the old town. We also took a little walk around and looked at all the beautiful houses. I’ve been here before but it was many years ago so nice to be back again.




During our drive back to Stockholm we stopped in the town of Trosa for a little coffee break. Ate a yummy blueberry pie and drank a fantastic chai latte at Marsipangården.


Also bought these cool looking marzipan ducks (filter “early bird” in Instagram):


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