Family brunch

Mathias sister, Åsa, surprised everyone by arriving Sweden on Midsummer eve. Only her daughter, Sandra, knew she was coming home. Åsa normally lives in the Azores.

Today Åsa called and wondered if we wanted to eat brunch with them and as we didn’t have any other plans we thought it was an excellent idea. Åsa’s boyfriend plus Sandra, her boyfriend and their 6-month old baby Charlie also joined in.

The restaurant is called The Public and is located in the middle of Åkersberga. The brunch was very good and costs only 145 SEK. If you wanted beer or soda you had to pay extra but juice and water was included in the price.

Pictured: Mathias, Åsa and Charlie


Before meeting up for lunch I had time for a little shopping in a store called Nybäddat Home. They have a lot of great stuff for home decorating as well as other useful stuff for the home. I came home with a new blanket (USA flag pictured), a new piggybank and a container for dish soap. I suppose I purchased over a magic number because I also got a small guest towel for free.


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