The answer?

I suppose all of you following my blog has been sitting impatiently in front of the computer all day long waiting for some news of my decision about the job contract in Linköping I wrote about Friday. Am I right? 😉

Okay, maybe not, but here is my decision:

I decided that even if the job was really interesting and seemingly perfect fit for me I finally came to the conclusion that I was not ready to sign a 12 month contract without having worked at the company or knowing how living in another town would feel like.

Today I went to the office and my meeting with my manager with that decision in mind. After a little conversation though I was told that it was not a question of signing a 12 month contract right away but rather have 3 months contract that could continue to be extended as long as both the client and I was happy with the situation. All 12 month talk was merely to indicate that this is potentially (i.e as long as both parties are happy and content) a long term contract and not only a few months. Obviously that put everything in a whole other situation as that is something I can totally agree with doing so I decided to go with it, thus my answer is YES!

I’ve not heard from the manager at my consulting company’s office in Linköping yet so I’m not sure of what the next step is. My guess is that the client want to interview me before the actual signing of the contract. I’ve also no idea of when to start.

My manager told me she think it would work just fine to commute daily but I’m not totally convinced yet. It’s good that I have the option to go home every day if I want to though.

So now you know! When I have more news I’ll post “right away”.

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