Leave my wallet alone!!

I was 3 seconds from “loosing” my wallet today! Scary…

I was on my way home from work and was standing on the escalator in our Subway station, actually the last escalator, and I could see the square where the grocery store is located…

When I was standing there I suddenly felt something strange behind me so I looked back and saw a women staring right in front of her not caring about me at all and next to her was a man with his hand halfway in mid air but when I looked at him he quickly moved his hand towards his hair and looked away. I immediately thought of my “backpack purse”. I stepped off the escalator and reached for my bag. The zipper of the top compartment was half open and I got terrified as I knew he was after my wallet. Luckily I found it safely inside my bag! When they walked away I almost yelled in anger towards them but I didn’t.

I’m always very careful when it comes to wearing my backpack purse and make sure no one is standing to close especially in the escalator but for some reason I missed paying attention this time! Never going to happen again! I’ll stop using my backpack purse! Obviously same thing can happen with any type of bag but I feel in a little more control when using any other purse then one I have on the back.

I suppose I didn’t think clearly after this incident because I forgot half of the things I had planned to buy in the grocery store!

It’s weird though that I feel so “shaken up” when nothing really happened…

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