Grilled lemon

It’s been raining a lot all day long but right in time for dinner the sun came out so we could grill dinner and eat on the balcony. Perfect timing!


Yesterday we ate dinner at my parents (I spent the afternoon in front of the fireplace!) and my mother told us about grilled lemon which she had seen at a restaurant earlier this week. We had a little piece of lemon left over so decided to try it out on our new grill tonight. Tasted great!

We had planned to eat out and listen to a concert with Robert Wells tonight but I’m too tired so we decided to skip it. He has another concert in the end of August so we’ll try to go then instead.

Earlier today we went to an open house party held by a friend from Denver who is visiting right now. Her mother had prepared food all day long yesterday and we got a lot of yummy things, a strawberry cake among other things! The cake made me think of my mother’s midsummer cake. Just a few days left now until I can eat that yummy treat! Definitely one of the best highlights of midsummer eve!

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