Hmm… nothing wrong?

Went to the hospital today in order to get help with my left index finger which is still giving me some troubles despite the cortisone shot I got a month ago. My doctor looked with the ultra sound machine and concluded nothing was wrong with my finger. Nothing swollen at all which meant no cortisone shot. Why my finger hurts as soon as I put heavy pressure on it he couldn’t explain. So no help there… I’ve decided to start doing my hand exercises again which the occupational therapist gave me last Fall. Maybe that will help…

He did advice me to start taking a lower cortisone dosage (the pill version I eat daily) in two weeks. He also told me to take a lower dosage of my weekly medicine as I’ve started to notice a little nausea from it. I’m having some issues with seeing the point of lowering my medication when my joints are having troubles. Feels like its the wrong way to go… I would have thought a new medicine with a better dosage would have been the best solution but I’ll stick with his suggestion at least for a week or two and then I’ll decide if I should call him to check on other medication options. He wanted us to evaluate after the summer but I’m not sure I want to wait that long. The up-and-down weather we currently have is giving me lots of issues. One day I feel fine and the next pain, pain, pain… It just annoys me!

I’m very thankful that my new friend, Vivi, called me around lunchtime to cheer me up! Perfect timing! Thank you Vivi! And thank you Facebook! Without you I would not have found all my fantastic rheumatic friends. I’m eternally grateful!

I know I’ll be back to my normal happy and cheerful self in no time!

One thought on “Hmm… nothing wrong?

  1. Vivi June 12, 2012 / 11:00

    You are most welcome dear Cecilia! It was such a joy to speak to you. You are such a wonderful friend that always is there for me!!

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