Hide and seek

We’ve found four caches today. Most easy others not so much.

At one place (Sandöbron) we spent a little over an hour and the only reason we actually found it was because Mathias and Christoffer decided that we couldn’t leave until it was found. By that time I had found more exciting things to do such as viewing the wonderful scenery and taking photos of the Sandö bridge.


While trying to find the cache we also had to hide for a little while as a truck on the bridge was cleaning the sidewalk and railing. Got quite wet under the bridge but luckily we didn’t get wet where we were standing!


And here the happy caching couple is logging their find:


At another cache we learned a little history of Sweden… the cache is on the site of the Ådalen shootings in 1931 when the military killed 5 people taking part of demonstrations. 50 years after the happening a monument was raised to honor the dead. It was also several signs with information of the shootings, what had happened, why they demonstrated, and a little of the aftermath.


Geocaches found today:

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