Today I received my race number for Vårruset which I signed up for earlier this year. I so want to participate in the race next Tuesday but I feel uncertain about it due to my foot plus the fact that I’ve not been able to prepare for it.

I’m really divided as far as what to do! One part of me says go for it and the other to not push my foot too far as I really don’t want any more problems with it. I know I have it in me to walk the 5 kilometers because I walked a lot more than that when we visited Madeira in mid-March, BUT, it was warm there then and not the unpredictable Swedish Spring climate we have here which takes my joints on a roller coaster ride.

During my evening walk today I stepped wrong on the sidewalk and “twisted” my foot a little bit and now it hurts every time I use my foot. Not good!! I hope it feels better tomorrow so I can take a little walk then too. I really want to walk every day now so I get a better feeling of how my foot is doing. I’m only walking 2 km right now so I’m a long way from 5 km but better than not walking at all.

I guess I won’t make a final decision until the day of the race. If the weather is bad I will not be in the race as that will cause issues for my joints no matter if I’m prepared or not! So please, pretty please make it warm and sunny that day so I at least can have a chance of trying.

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