Afternoon tea

The highlight of the day was the afternoon tea at The Ritz! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I reserved our table in February!

It was a fantastic setting, service and yummy sandwiches and pastries. Their tea menu was huge and finally I picked the Ritz Royal blend. They also had a pianist, and you could write down music requests on a little card.

The afternoon tea is certainly expensive but it’s worth every bit of it. The traditional version cost £43 and the one with champagne £54. We also got three types of extra pastry/dessert on top of the choices from the original tray.

If you do plan to attend this afternoon tea I recommend you eat a early breakfast and a late dinner! 🙂 We had reserved table for 1.30pm and didn’t eat dinner until 9.30 pm!








One thought on “Afternoon tea

  1. Malou May 20, 2012 / 11:05

    Wow! For the experience, I wouldn’t mind paying the price. It’s fun to later say that you’ve had high tea at the Ritz especially when you read on magazines that the likes of the Queen or other royals were at the Ritz. 😉

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