Senile or IT failure?

After out last session in the laundry room I booked a new laundry session for tonight, or, at least I thought I did!

When we were right in the middle of loading the machines a guy came in through the door and after a little talk and checking our key against the booking system machine it was clear we did not have a time slot for tonight. So, we took out everything from the laundry machines and went back to the apartment.

I’ve been trying to go through everything in my mind and I know for a fact that I went into the online booking system two weeks ago after our last session and thought it was perfect that it was an open slot today as we would be able to take care of the laundry before our trip to London. What happened next I have no idea about… either I forgot to press the booking button, something or someone bothered me in the middle of the booking and after I thought the booking was completely finished, or some type of IT failure has happened.

I’m not going to dwell too much about it. Luckily I did manage to get a new time slot tomorrow morning so we will have clean clothes before the flight tomorrow evening! 🙂

Apparently the door had been open so Mathias had just walked in. From now on we’ll always close the door (if it’s already open) and use our own key as then we won’t be able to get access to the laundry room if we don’t have a scheduled laundry slot. I’m very happy that the guy came before 1) we had turned on the machines and 2) before we had left the room! If that had happened he would have had no machines to use and no idea who hade taken his appointment and we would not have been able to get our laundry as we couldn’t open the door with our key!!

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