Filled up

Today I went to the hospital to get a cortisone shot in one of the joints in my left index finger. First the doctor investigated a little bit, put pressure on the left side of the joint where I had indicate it hurt. Clearly I haven’t pushed hard enough because it hurt much more when he did it the when I’ve done it myself. 🙂

He finally decided where to put the shot, prepared and went for it. I’d forgotten how much it hurt to get a cortisone shot in the small joints of the finger!! Suddenly it almost felt like the whole finger would explode and he said it was almost done. He finished up and told me I was free to leave.

I stood up and almost fell to the floor… the pain was so intense that I started feeling I was about to faint and I quickly had to sit down in the chair again. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to lay down instead and I quickly replied yes. I lay there for 10 minutes I suppose before I was able to stand up again. I’ve never had the feeling of being that close to fainting before and it was both scary and uncomfortable. 😦

I anticipate eating plenty of painkillers through the evening and night as it always hurt when the cortisone crystals “breaks apart” inside the finger.

On the positive side though my finger should be fine within 24-48 hours and I’ll be as good as new.

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