If it’s not one thing, it’s another

It’s almost a month since I got my last cortisone shot in my tendon sheath and the foot is still feeling fine. (Knock on wood!!)

Last week I went to the physical therapist and got some extra exercises to do. My doctor showed me one exercise during my appointment but that one only made my foot hurt. The ones I got from the physical therapist works much better. It hurt a little the first days but now I think the foot is cooperating with me!

The past days I’ve started to have an issue with my left index finger instead. It’s the same joint that has given me so much trouble previously. I’ve not needed a cortisone shot in this finger since early Fall so I suppose I should be happy… It’s starting to be a major issue whenever I need to use a knife and fork and cut something or just put pressure on the finger while holding a book or my iPad so today I called the hospital and got an appointment set up for Monday afternoon. I’ve lost track of the amount of cortisone shots I’ve gotten during the past years!!

I’m supposed to start get rid of my cortisone pills and I can’t start lowering my dosage until the finger is better. This will be my forth time of trying to stop eating cortisone so I’m not very convinced about the whole situation. It’s a magic potion as it helps you quickly but it’s a devil as far as trying to stop using it.

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