Shoes, shoes, shoes

Shoes has “always” been one of my favorite things. Being in a shoe store can be just as fantastic as a candy shop! Maybe even better as shoes don’t hurt your daily calorie intake!! 😉 Shoes has always been so easy to find for me compared to clothes. My feet are a perfect fit for anything, or at least it was…

Ever since my rheumatic diagnose 3 years ago shoe shopping is a torture! I go into a shop and I see all these fantastic shoes and 99% of them will be impossible for me to wear. I need to be able to have my orthopedic insoles in every shoe I wear (as my feet and knees will hurt for days otherwise) and lets face it most shoes you find in a regular store don’t allow this. Okay that might not be completely true… finding shoes during the winter time is easier but now when the summer is here the problems arrives! I just don’t want to have my ugly athletic sneakers all the time. And it’s getting too warm outside to wear my tall boots!!

I really wanted to get some ballerina like shoes, something cute that look and feel like summer and that you feel a little dressed up in. After looking in several stores I just, as always, give up. My insoles are too big for every shoe I want to buy. Today I even tried a pair of shoes the seller recommended even though the style wasn’t my favorite but I figured it could be better than the sneakers at least. The good thing with these shoes was that I could remove the normal insole which gave a little extra room for my own and I didn’t need to get a bigger size as I otherwise need to do in order for my orthopedic insole to fit as well as my foot! The shoe didn’t fit my foot well though so I gave up and left the store.

I need a personal shoe shopper who has access to a “magical” shoe store were I can find perfect shoes that will both suit my sense of style as well as my feet. Or, stop caring about the style… hmm, never gonna happen!! I’ll continue to be in the shoe shopper hell.

On a happier note though, got a new pair of jeans and a blouse today and I bought both in a size smaller! I guess my change in diet is working even though I’ve not worked as hard with it during the last month! Being able to buy smaller sizes though motivates me to keep going.

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