Fish pedicure

For Christmas we gave our mothers a fish pedicure and today they, and I, went for this special treatment.

The company, Fiskpedikyren, offers different packages and I had booked the basic treatment including massage after the fish pedicure.

First we got our feet washed, then we sat for 10-minutes in a foot bath at which time we could pick the type of lotion to use after the pedicure. The table was filled with different scents of lotions and finally I picked one with pink grapefruit.


Next it was time to let the fishies do their magic!



It felt a little strange at first having the fish around your feet and I have to say this is no treatment for anyone that is sensitive because it does tickle a little bit! We sat for around 30 minutes before it was time for our massages. Afterwards the feet feels very soft and smooth! I’ll definitely do it again! To anyone wanting to try a new type of pedicure I say go for it! 🙂

This place offered private rooms and no matter the size of the group you will get the room by yourself. They had two tanks with ~700 fishes in each and you can sit 3 around each tank. They do offer packages for larger groups as well. Check out their website for the different types of treatments and group sizes.

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