Quite the opposite

Today we’ve looked at 4 different houses. 3 of those were in Järvastaden and the other in Silverdal.

First we went to Silverdal. The house was very nice, lots of huge windows and the kitchen was just fantastic but the closet space was almost as bad as we have now in the apartment. The area was next to the local sport arena so probably a lot of cars passing by, plus that some of the houses has a perfect view of the highway and thus the noise during rush hour wouldn’t be particularly nice. Clearly not the place for us!

We continued to Järvastaden and first visited JM which offered the floor plans we liked the most. Our favorite house in regards to the floor plan felt a little smaller than expected but the floor plan we liked second best was much better. It was only 13 square meters larger than the first house (had a total area of 131 square meters) but that difference was huge!

Next stop was the builder Skanska. We did not like the floor plan of the townhouse at all because it looked like it would be too narrow and small. We decided to go there anyway as we figured it could be nice to check in the competition in the area. We arrived at the door, went inside and… WOW, it was not what we had expected at all. It felt much bigger than what we thought! When viewing the actual house the floor plan made perfect sense and it had high ceilings and lots of open space. Extra plus that the laundry room was upstairs.

Conclusion: You can’t only judge by looking at a few pictures and floor plans. 🙂

What’s next? Well, we’ll decide what to do within the next two weeks. We have some questions we want answered from the realtor plus that we need to hear back from the bank on the loan commitment. Stay tuned…

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