Jättegott by Tina

When I did my grocery shopping this week (online of course!) I found two new recipes.

Last night we made Pad Thai. It tasted even better than most Thai places actually but with a few additions in regards to vegetables I’m sure we can get it tasting even better! 🙂

Tonight we ate a chicken dish with a spice mix of tarragon and mustard from a product line called “Jättegott by Tina Nordström“. Tina is a famous Swedish chef and TV star. She hosted the show New Scandinavian cooking on PBS in the US in 2005.

The chicken dish was fantastic and I need to purchase other types of her spice mixes as well. By mistake Mathias used the whole spice mix package instead of half (as we only prepared the dish for two) but that propably made it taste even better as I love the taste of tarragon. 🙂 The recipe is on the back of the package. We used cooking cream instead of whipping cream though.


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