Magic powers?

I wonder if the blog post I wrote a few days ago gave me magical powers!? Why? Well, I think we’ve found the place which is on the top of our list for where to move!!

The area is called Järvastaden and it’s located only ~5 minutes (by car) from where we live now. Yesterday evening we went there to take a look at the area and it seemed very nice. There’s a huge open space area behind the community with plenty of space to walk/bike and just have fun outdoors.

Järvastaden is currently under development. A few have moved in already but most of it will be completed during the upcoming years. On Sunday the builder we like the best has an open house. The other builder has a showing the week after. Very exciting and we hope the floorplan(s) look as good in real life as it does on paper!

It’s located within walking distance from either the subway or the commuter train. There’s also buses going to both places in case you don’t feel like walking or taking a bike. The best part is that in shorter than 30 minutes you’ll be in the middle of Stockholm city! 🙂

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