Difficult decision

Sometime I’m such a “libra” in regards to making decisions. I weigh the pros and cons for what feels like forever not being able to decide on anything. Like the decision of where we should move (not to worry it’s still within the Stockholm-area). We’ve for quite some time planned to buy land and build our home but for the past several months I’ve started to doubt that decision and the main reason is because I can’t decide if it’s worth living a longer way from town or if we should live closer. I hate commuting, even more so nowadays as I get so tired from my rheumatism sometimes that I can barely stand up.

A life on the countryside would be perfect as it’s more calming and relaxing and closer to nature. Moreover, I don’t need to get annoyed by neighbors who are too loud (okay since our old neighbor moved we’ve not really had that problem) or not being able to have the balcony door open (or even use the balcony) because our neighbor smokes and it’s impossible to stand that smell. Again, the neighbor has moved, and I have no idea if the new neighbor smokes or not. I’ve not seen any tendencies towards that as of yet though so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

On the downside though is the fact that it will be far from town. I love having a 10-minute subway ride and I’m in the middle of the city. It feels like I have everything on my doorstep. I have shops, restaurants, work … everything I can think of within a short distance. I like not needing a car in order to go to places. As I still don’t have a Swedish drivers license using a car is not an option as of yet though. When we lived in the US I drove all the time, to work, shopping etc and I never thought much about it, but now when we’ve lived within the city limits for some years I really like the convenience that brings.

So how will I ever make a decision!? Mathias thinks I need to decide what is most important in my life and then the rest we will figure out. That is probably true, but I got so many things on my important lists! Quite frustrating and I/we need to make a decision soon! I like the apartment we live in but it’s starting to feel a little small. The other issue is that we want a bigger outdoor space where we can have a grill. On the balcony we can only have an electric grill and that is just not the same thing!

Well, I’m not going to make any decisions today… let’s continue weighing the pros and cons a little longer! 😉

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