Tendon sheat troubles

I had a checkup at the hospital today and for the most part the doctor thought everything was good and actually told me I didn’t have to come back on a regular checkup until next year. I’ve gone there every 3 month (the first year after my diagnoses) and then every 6 months.

My tendon sheat though was not good and he actually said he was worried about it. He said that it was necessary to give me a cortisone shot even though I’ve gotten 3 already during the past 5 months. Not doing it could be much worse. I was told to be careful with my foot and not do any activities involving jumping and similar (walking is fine) as that could cause my tendon sheat to “break”. If it did it means ~6 months of rehabilitation. He gave me some exercises to do starting next week in order to make my tendon sheat stronger. I’m planning to call my physical therapist on Friday (they don’t allow phone calls until then) to schedule an appointment so she can help me out with more exercises and make sure I do them correctly.

The cool part about the cortisone shot though was that he used ultrasound in order to see the inflammation better. He has used that twice on my joints before but today was the first time I actually looked at the screen while he did it. It was unreal to see the needle inside my tendon sheat and he moved it around in order to spread out the cortisone a little. The coolest part though was that I could actually see small bubbles leaving the needle! Very cool!

One thought on “Tendon sheat troubles

  1. Helena (LeaFoto) April 20, 2012 / 13:37

    Så det här är din blogg 🙂 Kul! Har också fått kortison med genomlysning (fast i själva fotleden) men på mig stack de fel några gånger varaf ena gången var in i själva skelettet: plus att de sedan sköt in spårvätska i benet… Gjorde fruktansvärt ont måste jag säga! Av de hundratals kortisonsprutor jag fått så var det absolut den värsta.
    Hoppas du slipper uppleva det! :-/ och att den här sprutan hjälpte!

    Tack för fina kommentaren förresten! Ledsen att jag är lite sen att svara 🙂
    Trevlig helg!

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