Kitchen complete

We’ve talked about buying a toaster ever since we moved here in 2008 and just never done it. Yes we had one in the US but we sold it when we moved. We have looked in stores but couldn’t decide (or agree?) on which one to get. The time when we miss having a toaster the most has been in late August and September when it’s crawfish season as we eat them on toasted bread with sauce. We’ve always had to borrow my parents toaster or use the oven. Obviously the oven works fine but it’s not as convenient as a real toaster. My parents were very nice and gave us money as a Christmas gift in order to buy our own, they didn’t want to get one for us but rather have is pick our own. We still didn’t get around to actually buy one… probably mostly so because we rarely eat bread at home nowadays, but this weekend we actually ate bread, and had to use the oven as a toaster so today when we went to a home remodeling store we finally got one!

Of course we had to try it out so for lunch we ate red beet salad with meatballs on toasted bread. Delicious!


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