Ahlgrens bilar

Everyone in Sweden knows what Ahlgrens bilar is! It’s Sweden’s most sold car! Bilar=cars

I dare say I haven’t meet one person who don’t like this candy. Even all of my US friends fell in love with it as soon as they tasted it. (You can find it in stores like Ikea and other places selling Swedish/Scandinavian stuff). It’s a small marshmallow candy which comes in three colors: pink, green and white.

Earlier it was just the “normal” cars but during the past 5-6 years they started to offer other kinds of version of the famous candy… Sour, salty, chocolate dipped, “all pink” during the breast cancer awareness month, and of course, sleighs and trees for the Christmas season. There is also a caravan version with a fruity taste (that one is weird though!). And, yesterday, I found the newest version: Double decker


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