This has been a depressing week. I’ve been sick all week long and I’m still not back to my normal self.

Yesterday I went to the doctor as I wanted to check if it was more than a normal cold/flu. Turned out it wasn’t… I got some nasal spray in order to clear up the stuffiness in my nose and ears. My ears are a little better already! If I only could get rid of the cough now too I’d be very happy!

The most depressing thing of all is that due to me being sick all week I had to cancel my participation in the course I was scheduled to attend next week. Really annoying because I was so looking forward to it but my work at my client is more important than the course right now. I have to wait until it’s offered again. Next week was going to be the first of three courses that in the end would lead to a certificate in configuration management. There is no set date for when a new course will take place but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will be in the Fall.

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