Back home

We’ve been back home for two days now and so far I’ve spent most of that time in bed or the sofa. I’m so annoyed at being sick right now! I know I have lots to do at work and next week I’m away for 4 days (taking a course in configuration management) so I’m completely stressed out of having missed two days already this week. I’m hoping I’ll manage to go to work tomorrow!!

The flight home from Madeira was the worst time ever. It felt like it continued on for forever (and it only took 6 hours including the ~1 hr we had between flights in Lisbon). I’ve never experienced so much ear stuffiness in my life. Nothing helped and it continued for quite sometime even after I got off the planes.

I loved being in Madeira! The warm climate was great for my joints. My foot is fine again and I had no stiffness in my joints during our stay there! Clearly a warm climate is much better for me. I wish I didn’t enjoy being back in Sweden so much though as it would be so easy otherwise to make a decision to move elsewhere…

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