Day 6: Curral das Freiras

Today we took the bus up into the mountains behind Funchal in order to visit Curral das Freiras. It’s a remote location where the nuns went in order to escape pirates.

We stepped off the bus at Eira do Serrado, which is the viewpoint of the valley. Fabulous views!


We also ate lunch here, roasted chestnuts and chestnut soup. Luckily we also bought cheese and ham sandwich because Mathias seemed to get some kind of allergic reaction to the chestnuts. I liked the soup but the roasted version was not particularly tasty.

We didn’t walk down to the town of Curral das Freiras because it was a little too far to walk so we took the bus back to Funchal again

Around 12.30 we were back in Funchal and took a cab to a shopping mall but that was boring (I clearly wasn’t in a shopping mode!) so we found a bus that stated it would go to the “centro” so we hopped on and hoped that meant downtown Funchal. After going up and down on several roads we were back by the waterside again.

At dinner time we meet Åsa in order to eat dinner. For appetizer it was:

1) snails


2) lapas (limpets)


For main course it was three types of grilled fishes:


I tried both a snail and lapa but I didn’t like it that much. The fishes tasted great though!

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