Day 4: Southwestern Madeira

The day didn’t start too well due a lot of pain in my foot. All that walking from yesterday I suppose… 😦 We managed to walk down to the city and after sitting on a park bench for a while and with the help of some painkillers we decided to rent a car anyway and drive along the southwestern coastline.

The highlight of the day was without a doubt the town of Jarmin do Mar (translated: Garden of the Ocean). When we reached the town we had to park the car and walk because the roads were so tiny no cars would fit there. We walked on some of the small alley’s towards the ocean and along the boardwalk it was both a magnificent sound and view of the Atlantic ocean.







We found a bar where we enjoyed traditional garlic bread, ham and cheese sandwich and a Portuguese BBQ dish I don’t remember the name for.



Along today’s journey we’ve passed by lots of tunnels, roundabouts, and fabulous views.





Right now we’re sitting in bar in Funchal using free Internet. Perfect timing to make a blog post! The past two days I’ve used up 80% of my daily surf limit due to all the nice pictures I include in my posts. The limit is 20Mb per day for max 49 SEK.

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